Solar Roofing Shingles from Aesthetic Green Power

Updated: Oct 26, 2018
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Aesthetic Green Power is a solar roofing company that manufactures Building Integrated Photovoltaic panels (BIPV) and solar roof tiles called Sunslates and TallSlates. Aesthetic Green Power is heavily involved in sustainability initiatives and believes strongly in the ability of buildings to generate their own electricity while maintaining an elegant appearance. Climate change and the need for society to move to net zero carbon emissions by 2050 is cited as a major motivating factor for the company.

Corporate History

Beginning as Atlantis Energy Systems, Inc., Aesthetic Green Power has been designing and manufacturing solar products for two decades. With Swiss designs and innovations, it established its first plant in Eastern Virginia in 1996 and started selling its products in North America.

In 2007, the plant moved to Poughkeepsie, NY driven by the need for more accessible shipping options. The company continued to grow as it moved forward with the goal to create aesthetically pleasing solar energy options for buildings.

In 2017, Atlantis Energy Systems, Inc. split into two new companies: Aesthetic Green Power and Sustainable Products Development Laboratory (SPD Labs). Today, Aesthetic Green Power controls the marketing and sales portion of the collaboration, while graduate and postgraduate engineering students with SPD Labs (now controlled by Columbia University) will develop the new solar technology and continue the research done by Atlantis Energy Systems. Recently, a vacuum pressure chamber was built for engineering students to conduct more research.

Aesthetic Green Power and SPD Labs are growing companies, and their technology has been installed in sports stadiums, universities, corporate headquarters, town halls, elementary schools, churches, museums, transportation centers, hospitals, parks, and private residences.


Aesthetic Green Power does not offer contractor certification, though they do have specially trained contractors to install the roofing products. Sunslate roof tiles cannot be installed without a licensed contractor because they require a more sophisticated installation process. However, some of their other products, such as Tallslates, can be installed without certification.

Product Lines

  • TallSlates: TallSlates are designed to be integrated with slate roof tiles (or slate look-a-likes). They can be used on both residential or commercial buildings, and contain plenum underneath from which thermal energy can be processed and extracted. This thermal energy can then be used for hot water supplies, pools, and geothermal systems.
  • Sunslates5: Sunslates5 are a Building Integrated Thermal Energy Roofing Systems (B.I.T.E.R.S.) product from Aesthetic Green Power. They produce energy while resembling a slate roofing tile. Swiss Pearl roofing slate acts as the tile substrate in both Sunslates5 and Sunslates6. Each Sunslate5 tile is 5”, and its small design makes it adaptable to roofs with various curves and corners. With a Class A rating, the tiles can be walked on, bear heavy snow loads, and withstand high winds.
  • Sunslates6: Sunslates6 are very similar to Sunslates5. They are both B.I.T.E.R.S., produce energy while resembling slate roofing tiles, and can be installed on residential and commercial buildings. Additionally, Swiss Pearl roofing slate is used as a substrate in the solar tiles and the surrounding tiles. The only difference between Sunslates5 and Sunslates6 is the size. Sunslates6 is a little larger at 6”.
  • TallSlates Grandee: As both a residential and commercial BIPV roofing option, TallSlates Grandee are big, measuring 11.828 square inches each. They have a Class C rating and resemble panels more than shingles.
  • Canopy BIPV Glass: As the “mood ring” around the MetLife Stadium and the outdoor glass canopy that shades the restaurant at the County Operation Center in San Diego, this solar material is designed for commercial buildings by architects, engineers, and the sales team. Additionally, the weather conditions of the area and the goals of the business determine the width of the glass, the number of laminates, and the placement and density of the solar cells. Facade BIPV Glass: As a commercial roofing product only, these glass solar sheets are designed in collaboration with the sales team, engineers, and architects.

Environmental Impact

As a solar power manufacturer, Aesthetic Green Power works to reduce the amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere from electricity. By continuously researching and providing new solar energy and heat storage products, they give homeowners a sustainable, environmentally-friendly option for energy production. Their goal is to end the world’s reliance on fossil fuels by designing aesthetically pleasing solar energy technology for both residential and commercial buildings. In fact, they believe strongly in a building’s potential to sustainably provide its own energy, and they cite climate change as a main motivating factor. Aesthetic Green Power is involved in countless green energy initiatives and expresses a strong commitment to the environment for human survival.

Contacting Aesthetic Green Power

Aesthetic Green Power
410 Manchester Rd
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603

Phone: (916) 897-6876


Both the Sunslates and TallSlates have a 25-year warranty for roof integrity and a 20-year warranty on power production. For warranties on commercial roofs, an arrangement must be made with Aesthetic Green Power.