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Updated: Oct 1, 2018
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Named after the famous Renaissance polymath Leonardo da Vinci, Davinci Roofscapes is a roofing company that manufactures polymer roofing system products. Its composite slate and shake shingles are designed to resemble natural slate and shake shingles, and the company claims that they avoid the fragility of stone slate and wood shakes. Davinci Roofscapes has provided roofing for both residential and commercial structures. They are headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas.

Corporate History

In the late 1990s, John Humphreys, a third-generation roofing manufacturer, began developing the polymer roofing products that are sold by Davinci Roofscapes today. The company was officially founded by Humphreys in 1999, and its first roofing products were installed in 2001. In order to ensure that Davinci Roofscapes had adequate capital to sustain increased growth, the company partnered with TGP Investments, LLC in 2006. Since then, they have continuously provided roofing materials in the United States and internationally.


Although Davinci Roofscapes doesn’t provide contractor certification, they provide installers with instructional videos, guides on installing each of the roofing styles, and helpful tips on the installation process. The company claims the installation process is simple.

Additionally, to make the process easier for contractors, the company will deliver the composite roofing materials in pre-packaged bundles that are assorted by size and color.

Product Lines

Slate Tiles are available in Single-Width, Multi-Width, and Bellaforté styles. Slate tiles are all ½” thick. Single-Width and Bellaforte tiles are all 12” wide, while the Multi-Width tiles come in sizes that are 12”, 10”, 9”, 7”, and 6” wide.

The Multiple-Width tiles can have a more natural, non-repeating appearance and can be staggered or laid straight, while the Single-Width and Bellaforté styles provide a more consistent, simple look.

Bellaforte tiles are snap-fit and create a built-in rain gutter.

Colors vary for each style but include Sonora, Canyon, Slate Black, Slate Gray, Evergreen, Brownstone, Aberdeen, and Vineyard. All styles are available in EcoBlend Cool Roof colors which reduce energy usage by reflecting heat away from the roof.

Shake Tiles are available in Single-Width, Multi-Width, Bellaforté, and Fancy styles. Shakes are all designed to resemble cedar and are made with virgin resins.

Single-Width tiles are 9” wide and 5/8” deep, and they offer a simple, consistent design. Multi-Width tiles come in sizes that are 9”, 8”, 7”,6”, and 4” wide and 5/8” deep. Their wavy and straight grains and their varying widths give them a non-repeating, natural look compared to the Single-Width Shake tiles. They can be laid straight or staggered.

Bellaforte Shakes are slightly different with a width of 12” and a thickness of 1”. Much like the Slate Bellaforte style, they are snap-fit tiles that create a built-in rain gutter.

Lastly, Fancy Shake tiles are available in 12”, 7”, and 5” widths and are each 7/16” thick. They have the look of a machine-sawn shake, and their multiple width options create a varied, natural appearance. They can also be laid straight or staggered.

Depending on the style, the Shake tiles are available in a multitude of colors including Chesapeake, Autumn, Mountain, and New Cedar. All of the Shake tiles come in EcoBlend Cool Roof colors and have a Class A fire rating.

Environmental Impact

Davinci Roofscapes claims to recycle pieces of roofing that fail to meet the finished specifications into starter tiles. Additionally, all of the Davinci tiles are 100% recyclable. The company also touts its lifetime limited warranty to emphasize the durability of its roofing products. With little replacement and maintenance issues, less of their roofing materials end up in landfills. Davinci claims that its use of polymer instead of natural wood or slate is better for the environment because they don’t consume cedar trees and they don’t excavate slate from quarries. Furthermore, Davinci tiles weigh one-third as much as natural slate tiles, and therefore, require less carbon emissions to transport. The company also claims that asphalt roof tiles use much more oil in their production than Davinci tiles.

Additionally, Davinci EcoBlend tiles are Cool Roof Rating Council rated, have received the Energy Star qualification, and meet LEED-NC. Due to their high level of sunlight reflectivity, they reduce the heat absorbed by the roof, and thus, reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the house. The Energy Star qualified colors are the varying shades of EcoBlend Weathered Gray and EcoBlend Gray.

Davinci Roofscapes also offers two recycling programs to reduce waste. After an installation project, if you have leftover scraps and cuttings, they can be shipped back to the company to be recycled as long as they are free of nails and other roofing accessories. If the project is within 500 miles of the plant in Lenexa Kansas, the scraps can be returned free of charge. If your project occurs outside of that 500 mile radius, you will have to pay for the shipment and schedule the delivery.

Contacting Davinci Roofscapes

Davinci Roofscapes
13890 W 101st St
Lenexa, KS 66215

Phone: (800) 328-4624


Davinci Roofscapes offers a lifetime limited material warranty on the slate and shake roofing systems. In order to receive the warranty, you can fill out the online form and provide information on the property owner, contractor, installation, and product. If the Davinci roofing was already purchased and installed, you will need to provide a receipt and installation photos.