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Updated: Sep 7, 2018
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Gerard Roofing, founded in the USA in 1981 is the second largest roofing products manufacturer in the United States. It also provides custom order manufacturing services. Gerard offers seven main metal profiles of roofing products that include Canyon Shake, Barrel Vault and Classic Tile profiles amongst others. The company is based in Mesquite, Texas and has warehouses in California, Missouri, Florida and Canada.

Corporate History

Gerard Roof Products, LLC operates as a subsidiary of Headwaters Incorporated. Headwaters purchased Gerard in 2014 when they acquired the assets of Metals USA’s roofing products business that included both Gerard and another brand named Allmet. With the acquisition, the company’s core product categories now include composite, concrete, metal and Tag & Stick underlayment. The company explained that the acquisition gives them the chance to expand both sales and manufacturing.

Gerard bolsters Headwater’s strategy to pursue building product opportunities where it can hold a strong market share in the industry.

"We are excited about the combination of our metal roofing products with Headwaters’ other products," said Ron Anderson, President of Gerard.

In 2016 Boral Roofing, LLC, acquired Headwaters for approximately US $2.6 billion. Boral USA and Headwaters combined formed a new division called Boral North America which offered an expanded product range.


Gerard provides factory training and support on installing metal roofing so that contractors have the necessary expertise to estimate, sell and install Gerard products. Hands-on training covers all aspects of roofing that one may come across in the residential roofing and re-roofing industry. A training session called “Estimating Parts and Pieces” is also available to interested registrants.

Gerard factory training programs are offered at the following locations:

  • Brea, California (Southern California)
  • Leesburg, Florida
  • Mesquite, Texas
  • Kansas City, Missouri

Product Lines

Insurance companies are aware that new, professionally installed roofs are able to withstand hail and wind better and therefore willing to bring down the insurance rates. Therefore, Gerard provides discounts or rebates to residents living in areas that are prone to strong winds, large hail or rains.

Customers may also be eligible for incentive programs and rebates through their local utility suppliers. Federal tax credits may also be available for those who have made energy-efficient upgrades to their homes.

Gerard Roofing’s product line falls into four main categories.

  • Canyon Shake: The Metal Canyon Shake range is coated with Gerard stone. It offers 120mph wind coverage, Class A Fire Rating, lifetime warranty, a class 4 Hail rating as well as a 2 ½” Hailstone coverage.
  • Barrel Vault: Barrel vault roofing makes use of a Spanish and Roman tile architecture. The tiles are dimensionally stamped and then coated with acrylic resin and mounted on a wood batten under structure.
  • Pacific Tile: Pacific Tiles are created using proprietary coating technologies that coat the tiles in chipped stone and acrylic resins, along with a dry under-deck roofing system. Customers can choose from light and dark accents.
  • Granite Ridge Shingle: The Granite Ridge roofing system is available in different colors. The metal shingles are comparatively stronger than Gerard’s other range of shingles and are high-wind and hail resistant, fireproof and offer a 50-year guarantee.

Environmental Impact

Gerard claims to be a member of the Green Council for Metal Roofing (although we cannot find any independent evidence that such an organization exists) and promotes recycling through its manufacturing and distribution.

  • The company claims that their stone coated metal roof is composed of over 30% recycled steel, supplied by energy-efficient providers
  • Roofing products can add a natural insulated air barrier that can save up to 40% on annual energy costs
  • The company claims to use processes that reduce manufacturing waste to less than 2%
  • Gerard roofing products meet LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification
  • Gerard claims that its packaging is purchased only from recycle-friendly vendors

Contacting Gerard

1100 Chase Road
Mesquite, TX 75149

Phone: (866) 295-9016


Stone coated metal roofing systems are backed by lifetime warranties. To process the warranty, customers are required to complete the online warranty registration form and submit it within 90 days of the roof's installation. A warranty certificate is then emailed to the customer.

Boral Steel also has a warranty claims procedure. On discovery of any problem, the customer must notify the company using the online warranty claim application within 30 days for the problem to be covered under the limited warranty.

The limited fully transferable earranty only covers the performance of individual stone-coated steel products manufactured by the company or an affiliate.

The company also offers a limited warranty from certain defects that can be found on their website. Regarding registration and transfer, the warranty can be registered by the buyer online and it is automatically transferred to any subsequent owners of the property during the warranty term. There are specific exclusions, details of which can be found on their website.