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Updated: Oct 24, 2018
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PABCO Roofing is a division of PABCO Building Products, LLC that sells asphalt shingles.  Located in Tacoma, Washington, the company was founded in 1984. The company is heavily involved with many organizations in the asphalt roofing industry, and some of the PABCO Roofing employees are leaders in these organizations.  They include Master Builders Association of Pierce County, Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association, Asphalt Institute, and North Texas Roofing Contractors Association, among many others.

Corporate History

PABCO Roofing Products has began producing asphalt shingles out of Tacoma, Washington plant in 1984. It is family owned, and a division of PABCO Building Products. Other companies owned by PABCO Building Products include PABCO Gypsum and PABCO Paper. February 17, 1953 saw the beginning of Pacific Coast Building Products, as Fred Anderson opened the Anderson Lumber Company, located in Sacremento, California. PABCO Roofing had two idle plants at the time of the acquistion in 1984, the one in Tacoma, and another in Richmond, California. Within 24 hours of being acquired, the Tacoma plant was operating.

Product Lines

PABCO Roofing offers three different roofing products in their Signature Cut collection. Cascade, Paramount Advantage, and Paramount shingles are all available with Algae Defender and come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty for single-family residential properties and a 50-year fully transferable Limited Warranty on all other structures. All three shingle styles come in an Open Tooth Laminated design. Paramount Advantage shingles are heavyweight Signature Cut shingles and are often characterized by homeowners’ associations as an alternative to wood shake shingles. They come in five different colors. Conversely, Paramount shingles are the original Signature Cut shingles from PABCO Roofing. They come in seven different colors. Cascade shingles are designed for classic architectural structures and have a diamond shape. They are often used on historical buildings and are available in four different colors.

Solar Reflective Shingles are available as Premier Radiance and Premier Radiance Elite which reflect a portion of the sun’s solar energy. Neither styles are available with Algae Defender, but they both come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty for single-family residential properties. Premier Radiance shingles come with a 30-year fully transferable Limited Warranty for all other structures, while Premier Radiance Elite shingles come with a 50-year fully transferable Limited Warranty. Premier Radiance Elite shingles are available in six colors, while Premier Radiance shingles are available in four. They both come in a Traditional Laminated design.

PABCO markets laminated fiberglass shingles as PABCO Prestige, PABCO Premier, Premier Advantage, PABCO Premier Elite, and PABCO Premier Professional. They all come in a Traditional Laminated design and come with a Lifetime Limited warranty for single-family residential homes. Premier Advantage shingles are heavyweight laminated fiberglass shingles often used on structures in harsh climates, while PABCO Premier Elite shingles are often used on large commercial buildings. PABCO Premier Professional and PABCO Premier shingles come with a 40-year fully transferable Limited Warranty for structures that aren’t residential single-family properties. The rest of the styles in the collection have the 50-year fully transferable Limited Warranty.

The Tahoma 3-Tab shingles offer a simple, consistent design. The Tahoma style shingles are available in nine colors and are compatible with a range of architectural designs. They come with a 30-year fully transferable Limited Warranty and a 60 mph Limited Wind Warranty. They meet the ASTM D3462 Fiberglass Shingle Standard and UL 790 Class A Fire Resistance Standard. The Tahoma 3-Tab shingles are available with Algae Defender.

Environmental Impact

PABCO Roofing manufactures products that can contribute to a building’s LEED (Leadership in Environmental Design) Certification. The company’s highly reflective Premier Radiance Elite or Premier Radiance shingles can be factored into LEED certification because of the Heat Island factor. PABCO Roofing’s recycled materials can also be taken into consideration when measuring the total amount of a building’s recycled content.

Additionally, PABCO Roofing has many waste reduction initiatives. Asphalt waste leftover from the shingle manufacturing process is reused to build asphalt roads. According to the company, they also reuse and recycle 30,000 tons of plastic every year that would otherwise be dumped in a landfill, and 98% of the water used in the manufacturing process is collected and reused. They recycle and reuse their wooden pallets, excess granules and sand, cardboard, scrap metal, waste oil, plastic, production waste, paper, and office waste. All of their products are made with at least 2% recycled materials; while some of their products are made with up to 29% recycled materials.

Contacting PABCO Roofing

PABCO Roofing
1476 Thorne Rd
Tacoma, WA 98421-3207

Phone: (800) 426-9762


The limited shingle warranty is only available for purchases and installations that occur within the United States or Canada. The warranty asserts that PABCO Shingles are free from any manufacturing defects that negatively impact their reliability and performance.

For shingle products that have the lifetime limited warranty, it is given to the head of household on single-family residential homes. After 40 years, prorating ends and 120 months will remain on the warranty. Other structures that aren’t single-family residential homes have different warranty options that vary from 30-50 years. Additionally, the type of shingles purchased impacts the type of warranty available.

Air ventilation is required under the roof deck to prevent harmful condensation. If you have a non-ventilated roof deck, the warranty is reduced to 10 years of prorated coverage. PABCO Roofing’s Algae Defender shingles are said to prevent unsightly black streaks from forming on your roof. If within the first 20 years of use, the Algae Defender shingles have black streaks, PABCO Roofing will repair, replace, and clean the shingles. If the black streaks show up after 20 years of use, PABCO Roofing will pay for the prorated cost of cleaning. Wind Warranty Protection is also available.