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Updated: Aug 30, 2018
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Allmet Roofing systems is a manufacturer of metal roofing for steep-slope commercial and residential buildings. Now a subsidiary of Metals USA, Allmet specializes in granular coating on shingles that make the metal roofing replicate the appearance of tiles, slate, and shake shingles.

Corporate History

Known as Dura-Loc roofing systems for around 75 years, the company was purchased in 2006 by Metals USA. In 2007 it was rebranded as Allmet Roofing Systems as a division of Metals USA Inc. In 2013, Metals USA was acquired by Reliance Steel and Aluminium Co. and is Allmet is now a subsidiary of Reliance Steel and Aluminium Co.

Today Allmet is Headquartered in Ontario, Canada.


To become accredited and certified to install the Allmet roofing, contractors are required to undergo a specialized training course. The course is taught by a company-approved representative and will qualify the individual as an Allmet Approved Contractor.

The course is typically administered at a job site in conjunction with a local roofing distributor. The course lasts 3 days and is a hands-on preparation course that includes no more than 4 people per class.

The training course covers:

  • Installation methods for all of their product lines
  • Necessary tools needed to work with their products
  • Re-roofing procedures and techniques

In addition to techniques for Allmet roofing installation, the training covers general roofing installation techniques. Also, students become knowledgeable in handling a variety of commonly-encountered roofing conditions and situations.

Product Lines

Allmet roofing products have the following features and capabilities:

  • Fire resistance: All roofing is Class A fire rated ( classification meaning that the roofing is resistant to fires caused by paper, wood, textiles, and plastics. This also means that fires that occur will not spread more than 6 feet on a metal roof. An “A rated” classification is the highest classification given.)
  • Wind resistance: 120 mph wind resistance
  • Hail: 2.5 inch Hail resistance
  • Snow & Ice: Ice damming resistance
  • Colors: Allmet offers in total 18 roofing colors and 2 of those roofing colors are Energy Star approved. (Dover White and Driftwood)

Wood and Metal Shakes

The wood shake tiles are designed to mimic the appearance of natural wood shakes. Allmet claims that these tiles are lighter, sturdier, and safer than wood shakes. They also claim that the appearance will not change from year to year as the product ages.

  • The roofing weighs 6.8 kg for every square meter
  • There are 7 popular color variations that simulate the appearance of wood

Continental Metal Barrel Tiles

The Continental Tiles have a wavy "S"-shaped profile that looks similar to roofs found in the Mediterranean and in tropical regions. Allmet claims that these tiles will maintain the same shape and coloring for many years.

  • The roofing weighs 6.8 kg for every square meter
  • There are 7 popular color variations offered from Fit for a tropical-esque color style

Granite Ridge Metal Shingles

These shingles are designed to simulate the appearance of asphalt roofing found in architectural housing all over America. Even so, the Granite Ridge Stone Coated Steel Shingles are claimed to no be prone to mold, fires, distortions, or tearing in high winds. These shingles can be installed over a roof deck or over existing shingles

  • The roofing weighs 6.8 kg for every square meter
  • There are 6 popular color variations offered from Ember to Forest Green

Contacting Allmet Roofing Systems

Allmet Roofing Systems
P.O. Box 220
Courtland, ON N0J 1E0

Phone: (800) 265-9357


Allmet provides a 50-year limited lifetime warranty on all of its roofing lines.

Allmet requires that all warranties be registered only through their online Warranty Registration form within 90 days from the installation date. After the warranty has been approved, Allmet will email you a numbered Allmet Warranty Certificate for record keeping.

In addition, Allmet outlines in their warranty that:

  • The steel substrate of the product will not burn
  • The product will maintain its surface coating appearance, with weathering caused by nature
  • The product will withstand up to 120 mph winds
  • The product will not warp, lift, or curled when installed within Allmet’s installation standards

Allmet does not cover any problems that arise from improper installation and does not hold themselves liable for any issues found with their roofing due to anything other than manufacturer defects.

If manufacturer defects are found:

  • The issue must be reported no later than 30 days from the date the defect was found
  • Allmet must be allowed to inspect and review the claim made by the consumer

Allmet reserves the right to cover the cost of repairs, replacement, or to refund the purchase price of the product, if the claim is approved.

There are specific guidelines for defect reparations depending on the product’s age:

In the first 20 years Allmet will cover all costs (including installation costs) to repair or replace the product.

For the next 30 years Allmet will cover the costs for replacing and/or repairing the product, but the cost of labor and installation will not be covered.

The warranty lasts 50 years, however it is void if any repairs or modifications are done to their product without the approval of Allmet.