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Updated: Sep 11, 2018
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Siplast, Inc is a developer and manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing systems. It provides insulating concrete systems, SBS-modified bitumen roofing, roof insulation panels and modified bitumen roof system accessories. Siplast was established in 1979, operates as a subsidiary of Icopal and has headquarters in Irving, Texas.

Corporate History

Siplast has been developing and manufacturing advanced roofing and waterproofing systems for over 35 years. In the late 1960s, Siplast Research and Development along with Shell Chemical of Europe initiated a program aimed at improving bitumen properties and as a result, developed SBS modified bitumens, products for use in waterproof applications. Siplast soon began manufacturing the modified waterproof bitumen.

Siplast developed the world’s first bituminous geomembrane - Teranap in 1975 with the cooperation of the “Godfather of Geosynthetics,” Mr JP Giroud. In its largest acquisition to date, Icopal, acquired Siplast with subsidiaries in USA and Germany in 1989.

In the year 2000, Icopal was taken over by an association of companies that included American Carlisle Companies Inc, and Canadian IKO Sales Ltd along with Axcel II and Kirkbi, two Danish financial investors. The Icopal Group was sold to GAF, the largest North American manufacturer of commercial and residential roofing in April 2016.

Product Lines

Siplast believes that there is no one-product solution for all roofing problems and that varied conditions demand varied solutions. Siplast manufactures a line of liquid resin products along with its range of SBS-modified bitumen roofing materials for its roofing and waterproofing applications.

Siplast’s roofing products include:

  • Single-Ply SBS-Modified Bitumen Membranes: These bitumen membranes are designed for use with sloped roofs. The Siplast Parafor 50 single-ply roof membrane consists of a base material and asphalt with a fiberglass-reinforced polyester mat. The product is tough, yet flexible and stable due to fiberglass properties.
  • Multi-Ply SBS-Modified Bitumen Membranes: Modifying asphalt with SBS results in a durable elastomeric blend that offers elongation and recovery over varied temperatures. This technology forms the base of Siplast’s two-ply engineered roof systems. The workhorse base ply absorbs roof stresses and the top ply is there to protect the base.
  • Modified Bitumen Roof System Accessories: Siplast offers a line of roof system accessories for SBS-modified bitumen systems. Products include:
    • Coatings and Sealants
    • Adhesives and Primers
    • Mopping Asphalt
    • Base and Ply Sheets
    • Fasteners
    • Roof Insulation Panels
    • Flashing Membranes
    • Protective Walkways
    • Perimeter Metal Systems
    • Roofing Granules
    • Zono Patch
  • PMMA Liquid-Applied Roofing: Siplast Parapro Roof Membrane is a waterproofing system designed to work as a stand-alone product to address challenging roofing requirements. It can be used with the Siplast Pro Base series of SBS membranes.
  • Paraflex Liquid Membrane System: Like the PMMA Liquid-Applied Roofing system, the Liquid-applied Paraflex Liquid Roof Membrane is a waterproofing system that is used to address challenging roofing requirement and that can be used with the Siplast Pro Base series of SBS membranes. It includes:
    • Paraflex Liquid Membrane- Gray and White: used to field-construct panel coating
    • Paraflex 531 Liquid Flashing - Gray and White: used to field-construct flashing membranes
    • Pro Primer AC and Pro Primer E: used as a general-purpose primer
    • Pro Fleece: non-woven reinforcement fabric
    • Pro Prep M: used as a cleanser
    • Pro Base LP, SA, TG and Pro Base LP SA, LP TG: first-ply of Pro Base LP/Parapro Roof Systems, lapped 3 inches side and end

Siplast also has waterproofing, insulation, metal roof restoration and civil engineering products.


Siplast Roofing, Waterproofing and Lightweight Insulating Concrete Systems are installed by Siplast Select Contractors. These contractors are certified professionals. Siplast Select Contractors have qualifications that meet the following criteria:

  • Minimum 5-year operating history or equivalent experience in the roofing industry
  • Compliance with Siplast specifications
  • Strong financial conditions
  • Agreement to staff Siplast jobs with employees who are trained and experienced in the application of Siplast products
  • Agreement to support training and educational programs offered by Siplast
  • Agreement to provide an on-going employee safety program
  • Commitment to providing an on-the-roof quality control program to supervise all Siplast projects.

The Siplast National Accounts Program (SNAP) was developed to improve the business relationship between the company and its main owner customers. With the program, Siplast streamlines the decision-making and problem-solving process through a Siplast National Account Representative.

Siplast recommends choosing a certified applicator who can install waterproofing solutions in line with Siplast’s standards. Siplast provides training for companies that install their products. The training is theoretical and practical and all the technical aspects involved in the proper installation of waterproofing systems are covered in the training.

Environmental Impact

Siplast claims that its dedication to sustainable solutions began 35 years ago with Teranap, their original "green" product. Since that time, the company has formed a "Siplast green" range of environment-friendly products. Siplast green consists of cool roof options, solvent-free adhesives, accessories for green roofs and sustainable roof insulation systems.

The products from the green range meet criteria established by the country’s EPA Energy Star Program and the Green Building Council LEED-NC (Version 2.2) program.

Siplast claims to provide a range of products that positively impact roofing and waterproofing systems like breathable under roofing synthetic membranes. Their environment-friendly waterproofing technology is used in the civil engineering sectors and includes environmental protection solutions and underground drainage.

Contacting Siplast

Siplast National Sales Office
1000 Rochelle Blvd
Irving, TX 75062-3940

Phone: (469) 995-2200


Prior to products being shipped to the job site, Siplast conducts a review to ensure that customers receive a system that meets their roofing and waterproofing standards. The process starts with the Siplast Select Contractor that applies for a guarantee. The order is placed only when the Technical Department approves the products and their intended use.

Before issuing a guarantee, the Select Contractor notifies the company on completion of the job and a final inspection is then scheduled with a Siplast Representative. Customers can submit a guarantee using the online guarantee application system, email application for roof insulation warranty or using an email guarantee application form.