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Updated: Sep 19, 2018
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Atlas Roofing Corporation is a manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing products. Atlas is a privately held company with corporate headquarters located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company had a single asphalt shingle manufacturing facility in the early 1980s when it was first established. With four additional roofing plants in the mid-90s, the shingle manufacturer continues to grow to address the demands of the asphalt shingle industry.

Corporate History

Atlas Roofing Corporation was founded in 1982 with a single manufacturing plant producing asphalt shingles and roll roofing materials in Meridian, MS. In 1987, Atlas launched its energy products division and acquired three manufacturing facilities for the development of polyiso insulation. Two years later, Atlas began the production of glass reinforced facers and acquired two additional manufacturing facilities.

In 1991, Atlas launched Rboard wall sheathing and then released a line of heavy-duty SBS modified asphalt shingles two years later. By the year 2000, Atlas had acquired another 10 manufacturing facilities and had established its first international manufacturing plant in Toronto, Canada. Atlas opened a manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico in 2005 and opened another in Vancouver, Canada in 2012.

In 2015, Atlas announced its Atlas Pro+ Program for roofing contractors. The program was designed to encourage them to sell more Atlas products. Atlas also built a web tech manufacturing facility in the same year. Now headquartered in Atlanta, GA, Atlas has 23 manufacturing facilities across North America and global distribution.


The Atlas PRO Contractor Program offers many features for roofing contractors:

  • The "Project Creation and Lead Management" feature enables contractors to keep their client’s information safe. Once the client’s information is entered, it will be saved into the app and instantly available in the future. The features also assist in organization. Contractors can easily track their leads from the start to the completion of the project.
  • The Shingle Visualizer streamlines the process of choosing the style and color of shingles as clients are able to visualize the finished product before the work has begun.
  • The "Material List Generation and Distributor Locations" feature give a breakdown of all the materials required for the completion of the client’s project, including tax and profit details. When ordering materials, a PDF copy of this list can be emailed to any team member. The "Locate a Distributor" feature offers information on local Atlas distributors.
  • Participating roofing contractors also have access to Atlas marketing tools, and Atlas rebate and reward programs.

Product Lines

The Value line is the most economical line and includes:

  • ProLam: Offer a designer look at an economical price
  • Castlebrook 35: Used for their protection properties
  • Briarwood Pro: Used for their high-definition color and wind-resistance properties

Atlas offers architectural shingles with features that include high-wind resistance and ScotchGard protection in a variety of colors and styles.

The Premium Designer line offers ScotchGard protection and is the highest-priced. It includes:

  • Pinnacle Pristine: Used for color and include coastal, copper, wood and a shadow look amongst others
  • StormMaster Shake: Used for their architectural style and durability
  • StormMaster Slate: Used for their strength and versatility
  • Legend: These fiberglass shingles are used for their color and varied cuts

Atlas also offers economical 3-Tab Shingles that include:

  • Tough-Glass: Used for performance and durability. Available in Black Shadow and a Weathered Wood style
  • Glass Master: Provide a classic look

Hip & Ridge Shingles used for sunbelt and snowbelt climates that include:

  • Pro-Cut High Profile Hip & Ridge: Pre-cut shingles that offer an 8-¼” exposure
  • Pro-Cut Hip & Ridge: Pre-cut shingles with three shingles in each strip that offer a 5-⅝” exposure

As well as Starter Shingles that include:

  • Pro-Cut 6XR Starter Shingle Roll: Available in a peel and stick roll
  • Pro-Cut Starter Shingles: Available in a seal-down strip and offer ice dam protection

Environmental Impact

In regards to sustainability and commitment to sound environmental practices, Atlas uses Polyiso material due to it being cost-effective and energy-efficient. Atlas also provides roofing shingles that offer algae resistance and prevent dark streaks.

Atlas has an Environmental Policy Statement. It covers the following main principles:

  • Conform to government environmental laws and regulations
  • Encourage environmentally friendly practices to minimize the impact on the environment
  • Develop high-standard sustainable products
  • Operate strategically to minimize environmental hazards
  • Offer a sound and healthy work environment
  • Review environmental practices and policies frequently

Contacting Atlas

2000 RiverEdge Parkway
Atlanta, GA 30328

Phone: (770) 952-1442


Atlas offers warranties that vary according to their products. There is a 30 year to a limited lifetime warranty for the standard shingles, along with a 5 to 15 years wind warranty and 10 years to a limited lifetime warranty for algae resistance. The Pinnacle Pristine Shingles provide a comprehensive warranty that covers manufacturer fault, black algae streaks and high-wind damage.

The Atlas shingle warranty covers roofs installed using an Atlas asphalt shingle.

The Atlas shingle limited warranty covers wind warranty that is based on the speed level to which the shingles are exposed to high winds.

The Atlas Signature Select roof warranty covers roofs installed using all essential components of an Atlas Signature Select Roofing System. It requires digital copy submission of material invoices.

Transfer of an Atlas shingle warranty or Atlas Signature Select roof warranty is applicable in the case where a house on sale features a qualified Atlas Roofing Corporation shingle or Atlas Signature Select Roof System and the warranties need to be transferred to the buyer.