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Updated: Oct 24, 2018
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Timberline offers roofing shingles for residential applications. The Timberline brand is part of GAF, a manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing products. GAF is a subsidiary of Standard Industries and is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey.

Corporate History

GAF was founded in 1886 as Standard Paint Company and created their first roofing product in 1892. In 1921 the name was changed to Ruberoid Company, based on a type of asphalt roofing created by the company. In 1928 the name was changed to General Aniline & Film (GAF). The Timberline brand of architectural shingle was introduced in 1967 and is now GAF’s most popular brand of shingle, according to the company.

Product Lines

There are four lines of Timberline Lifetime Architectural Shingles: HD, which the company states are the best-selling shingles in America; Ultra HD, a thick, ultra-dimensional, high definition shingle with a wood shake look; American Harvest, which feature Advanced Protection Shingle Technology; and Natural Shadow, which feature an upscale, architectural look.

Timberline also offers two lines of Specialty Shingles: Cool Series, which reflect sunlight to reduce attic temperatures; and ArmorShield II, which feature enhanced impact resistance.


Many roofing brands offer credentialing opportunities. These can be a win-win-win opportunity for the brand, roofers and homeowners. GAF provides training and marketing tools to the roofers, who purchase more materials from GAF. The roofer uses the credential as a marketing tool to win more contracts with homeowners. The homeowner gets a contractor that has factory training and access to better warranties from GAF. However, you as the homeowner should not use the credential as a replacement for doing your due diligence on the skills and reputation of the roofer that you hire.


As a first step, when a contractor tells you that they are CAF certified, you should ask for their GAF contractor ID. The ID will begin with the letters “ME” followed by 5 digits. (For example: ME12345). Then, visit GAF’s contractor verification page and verify that the contractor currently has the GAF certification that they claim.


GAF offers 4 levels of certification to roofing contractors. From the highest level of certification to the lowest, they are:


Master Elite

Master Select


GAF Certified

Master Elite contractors must prove that they:


Are licensed by their state, province or territory

Are fully insured

Commit to ongoing GAF training

Have a proven reputation (the requirement appears to be at least an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau)

Each certification level offers contractors ways to increase business by providing training and marketing tools to generate leads. Contractors get discounts on products and financing, and can earn rewards which include clothing, truck signs and vacations by joining the GAF Master Rewards Program.

Environmental Impact

GAF has a Sustainability Mission Statement which states, in part: “GAF is proud to promote sustainability in all areas of our business. We practice and support new technologies in energy efficiency, material optimization, and recycling that help conserve natural resources….”

Some of the products and initiatives that GAF highlights include:

  • The manufacture of “cool roofing” materials, which reduce the amount of energy needed to keep buildings cool.
  • GAF has sponsored an internet-based tool to find asphalt shingle recyclers, which can convert old shingles into asphalt surfaces for roads.
  • GAF has sponsored a training and certification program for Green Building Material Distributors.
  • GAF has developed systems to easily integrate shingles with rooftop solar systems.

Contacting Timberline

1 Campus Drive
Parsippany, NJ 07054

Phone: (973) 628-3000


All Timberline shingles are covered by a lifetime warranty when used as part of a GAF lifetime roofing system.