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Date created: 2018-11-28 Name: dorothy k
Location: clarksville tn

Satisfaction Rating:

2 of 5 stars Somewhat Unsatisfied

"gutter protaction"
I purchased this gutter guard about 6 months ago or so. The company who originally installed it was my granddad: he did all the work for me. What I like the most is that it was decently cheap, and in a way sorta does its job. What I dislike is a numerous variety of things. First off, it doesn't do its job very well which eventually makes more work for me to have to go back and correct. I have never had to repair/replace it, though I do plan to get a different brand hoping for a better outcome. I would not buy this product again nor would I ever recommend it to anyone else.

Date created: 2018-11-08 Name: MB
Location: Mountain City, TN

Satisfaction Rating:

5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Top of the line"
I have owned Leaf Guard gutter guards for about a year and it has been amazing. I love not having the leaves get into the gutter and clogging it up anymore. The company that installed it was Lindus Construction. They save me alot of time and energy that I can put towards something else. I really don't dislike anything about it, I have never had to repair or replace it as I have only had it for one year so far. It is made well and we go through alot of weather where I live and have had no problems, I have had several neighbors come up and ask what I am using to keep the leaves from not going in to the gutters, as I used to be out almost every week pulling the leaves down. It really works well and I would suggest it to anyone. I would buy this again for any house I live in. It's a great product, you can't go wrong with it and it's also a very affordable fix to all your gutter problems

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