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Date created: 2018-11-09 Name: CC
Location: Wilmington NC

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5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Mussca Gutter Guard"
We've had these gutter guards for almost a year now. I bought them just before Christmas in 2017. I found them on Amazon while researching for gutter guards and they were the best seller with a lot of positive reviews. Normally I'm a bit weary of Amazon reviews, since there tends to be a lot of fake ones, but because the price was good - I pulled the trigger. I decided to install the gutter guards myself, and it was incredibly quick and easy to do. These gutter guards are extremely simple in design, but totally effective in all their claims. I do not have any complaints about them. After a year they are still going strong and are still perfectly doing the job they are made for. When these eventually break, I will definitely replace them with the same product. I will (and have) thoroughly recommended this product to all my family and friends and the ones that accepted my recommendation are just as happy with the product as I am. They are decently well priced and are a good quality product that is easy to install and does the job exactly as it claims. Mussca definitely makes good products at good prices and it's worth it to get these gutter guards, especially if you are planning to install them yourself.

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