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Date created: 2018-11-08 Name: IKA
Location: Hagerstown, MD

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5 of 5 stars Very Satisfied

"Solar Shingles on my House"
We've owned the solar shingles since 2011. We actually bought half of them in 2011, and the other half were installed two years later. We have 46 solar shingles. They were installed by Mountain View Solar. We also received a state grant for them, which helped with the cost. We like that the electric bill is only $5.36 during the spring/summer months. This year, because of the longer, warmer season, our recent electric bill was still $5.36 and it's already November. We have saved over $3,600 per year of electricity bills with this system. The savings have slowly paid off the cost of buying and installing the panels and inverters. We also like knowing that our energy production helps the environment. The downside comes from the Enphase inverters that go on each panel. The reason why we used those instead of having one main inverter is because if one of them goes down, it doesn't affect the other panels and there is still electricity being produced by the other panels. However, we've had, on average, at least 2-3 inverters break down each year. In the past, the MTV people would show up and replace it. Now, the Enphase has stated that they will not pay for the solar people to replace them. It's our responsibility. That's not good. They're not honoring their warranty.

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